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June 22nd, 2010

(no subject)

Just love this pic. It looks so sensual and dynamic.

June 17th, 2010

just random

I soooooooooooo love this picture

ha want to be Pi or Ryo,mmmmmmhhhh, that`s complicated

credit: akamesuki

June 11th, 2010




I miss him sooooo much and he`s so sexy

June 9th, 2010

(no subject)

sorry I forgot the credit of the picture in my last entry

got it from pornvilais side


I soooooooooo want to see the new KAT-TUN PV.

Kame looks soooo sexy *as always*


June 8th, 2010

(no subject)

I`m baaaack.

I was always present, but not in my own journal T__T

It`s been 4 years since the last time I wrote something.
I just don`t know what to write about.
I can`t write very good, though I have much ideas.

My interests had changed a little bit, I´m a big KAT-TUN and NEWS fan now, but I still like Dir en grey and other Jrock bands.

Now I´m waiting excidetly because I preordered "Bandage" with Akanishi Jin.
I`s a shame I can`t see him in LA but I have no money to fly there. T_T

I hope I can write a fic in the future about Ryo; Jin and Pi.

so that`s it for today

P.S.: sorry for spamming and my poor english^^

June 20th, 2006

(no subject)

i have some mistakes in my text. sorry but i didn`t controll it

gomen nasai

(no subject)


i´t`s so hooooooot outside.
everybody is screaming because the germans have 3 goals against ecuador. i hate football.
everywhere are german flags. bääääääähhhh

it´so boring.i have nothing to do.
yesterday i learned japanese because we wrote a test today. now i have a headache.

iiihh... we win(germany).

í`am lazy so i had not upload the photos.
i`m in the internet at some pictures at www.photo-hartmann.de.
they are very good.

that is it for now

(the people who watch nobuta nwo produce know what i mean)

June 9th, 2006

(no subject)

Hello everyone!
I`m new at livejournal and I don`t know what i can wright.
nja...last saturday I was in Nürnberg (I don`t know the english word for that town) at "Rock im Park".
It was sooooooo aaaammmmaaaazing. My friend and I saw Dir en grey and Kagerou. It was sooooo cooool.
We saw Shinya at the backstage of the Centerstage. The concert was very amazing. Also that from Kagerou.
I was in front of the stage in the first line(????). Daisuke was verrrry hot. He had a little bottle of water and did it in his pants. HOT. When he kissed Yuana I can`t scream any longer. I just stared. And then... I touched Daisuke. He jumped of the stage and then he was in front of me. It was WWWOOOOWWWW.
At the evening we drove home. The day after I was soo tired. But it was amazing and I don`t want to miss that day.
Today I got my photos from that day. Diru are very small on them but the pictures from Kagerou are very good. When I`m not too lazy I posed them next week but I also must learn Japanese. mmmmhhh...you will see

Byebye everybody

P.S.: A very BIG sorry for my bad english. I wasn`t very good at school in/at (????) that language. ^___^
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